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Witherbee Wilderness Camp

Witherbee Wilderness Camp

The Witherbee Wilderness Camp is a unique opportunity for returning campers entering grades 9-12 to experience camp in a whole new way.


Offered in partnership with Outward Bound California, this 10-day program features time at Camp Bob Waldorf plus a rugged 7-day backpacking trip through beautiful landscapes such as Big Basin Redwoods State Park and Yosemite National Park. No electricity, no electronics, no plumbing…just the campers, their guides, and the great outdoors!


Witherbee Wilderness Camp is physically challenging. Campers experience significant changes in elevation as they hike mountainous terrain carrying 30-40 pounds of equipment and supplies. They cook over open fires and live outdoors in tents. Additionally, participants must provide their own weather-appropriate clothes, but Outward Bound supplies all backpacking equipment – including hiking boots.


Campers who complete a Witherbee Wilderness trip are eligible to apply for the Arnold S. Nelson College Scholarship.




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    Witherbee Wilderness Camp is a 10-day program for returning Camp Bob Waldorf campers current grades 9-12. The program culminates in a 7-day guided backpacking trip in California’s Yosemite National Park.


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    Financial assistance is available to qualified families. We also offer a 10% sibling discount.


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