We genuinely believe that summer time is a special time in a kids' life. It is when they grow, discover their passion, their identify, and who they want to be later in life. It is time for play, for learning new things, and for thriving. And we believe that choosing the right summer camp is essential to their growth.


But as parents, we struggled every year to search for what fits the best for our kids. Every year, we attended camp fairs, went through hundred different brochures, and numerous different websites in search for a great camp.


This year, we decided to come up with a solution, and make it super easy for  parents to find just the right camp for their kids right here on this website. As parents, as influencer Moms, and administrators of a very popular and and successful Facebook Groups,"Fun Things To Do With Kids in LA", we know exactly what parents look for when searching for camps for their kids, and we've used our knowledge to create this website, and the filtering tools.


Meet The Team

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Angela M. Cantoni

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Angela is a LA Mom, a Litigation Specialist, Founder & Editor of "FunWithKidsinLA.com", Founder of Summer Camps in LA, and the admin of Facebook Group "Fun Things To Do With Kids in LA".

Jane Cole

Jane is a LA Mom, co-admin of "Fun Things To Do With Kids in LA", a Social Media and Marketing Specialist, and the co-founder of "Summer Camps in LA".