The Activity Center

The Activity Center

Join for a full day of arts, crafts, games and one-of-a-kind enrichment activities this summer.  Activities include swimming, art, enrichment activities, art, water play, sprots, music, cooking, and more! 


Our main concern is the safety of your children.  For that reason, we will be requiring all campers to be tested for COVID-19 within 5 days prior to their arrival at camp.  

We are also putting the following precautions in place:

  • Limited enrollment:  Our goal is to cap the number of campers during to just 18-20 per day.
  • Controlled groups:  Campers will be placed in pods of 7 to 10 and will remain with those groups during as much of the week as possible.
  • Temperature checks upon arrival: Any camper displaying signs of a fever will be asked to return home for the duration of the week. (You may apply your pre-paid credit to another day)
  • Face Masks:  The use of face masks will be encouraged at all times but mandatory during certain activities and when in close proximity to others.
  • Social Distancing:  Appropriate social distancing must be observed.
  • Off Site Activities:  We will be limiting the number and nature of off site activities during the early weeks of summer until further notice.
  • Drop off & Pick up:  All campers will enter and exit through the main entrance on Santa Monica Blvd.  Parents, siblings and other non-campers will not be permitted inside

    Summer Camp 2020:  June 15, 2020 - August 15, 2020


    Regular: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

    Extended Day: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM



    Fee: $400/week (9:00 AM – 3:30 PM)

    $450/week (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM)


    For less than $100/day per child, you can enroll your child in a day camp from 830am-5pm. They also have a 3pm or was it a 330pm option for less. You can also throw a bday party. I took 2 kids (not mine) age 7 to this camp. The facility is huge with different rooms, activity areas, and even a kitchen to make lunch as a group. The day the kids went, it was lasagna rolls. Before choosing this place, I looked at other day/summer camps like Zooga or options like Pamper N Play. I asked some questions via email and they were pretty fast in responding and being very helpful. Upon arriving, there were a couple kids who were "regulars" and all seemed happy and excited to be there. The facility looks like a very equipped community center/rec room. Clean, well maintained, a huge plethora of toys to keep a kid very busy. During the day they leave the venue to go to the beach, a local park, zip lining, etc. Seems very well run, organized, and they start the day off by having a meeting as a group to talk about the day's schedule and activities. I came to pick up the kids 15 min early and they were having such a good time, I let them play until it was time to go because they did not want to leave. Worth trying out to see if your kid enjoys it! --- Doreen M.


    Phone:  310-907-7399