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Teenage Drama Workshop

Teenage Drama Workshop

Teenage Drama Workshop (TADW) is a conservatory style program offering teens ages 11 through 18 the opportunity to develop skills in theatre arts. For the past 63 years, TADW has been held on the campus of California State University Northridge.


Our goal is to teach not only theatre arts but the importance of ensemble and teamwork through our intensive classes and productions.


While our program is based in the theatre arts, you do not need experience in theatre to participate in TADW. We want energetic and enthusiastic students who are excited to learn about theatre and who want to great summer.


TADW is a safe and welcoming environment for students to develop communication skills, creative thinking, and build self-confidence. Although we are teaching skills in relation to the theatre, these skills are life skills that can help them throughout their lives.


    June 13-July 26, 2024

    Ages: 12-18



    8:15-11:25: Core Classes (Acting, Voice and Dance)

    11:25-12:30: Elective Class (Options: Musical Theatre, Playwriting, Make-up and Improv)

    12:30-1:15: Lunch

    1:15-4:15: Rehearsal

    4:15: End of Day


    2024 Tuition: $1,900 




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