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Santa Monica College Summer Program

Santa Monica College Summer Program

Santa Monica College, Community & Contract Education is proud to offer the Summer Reading Skills Program as a community service to families throughout Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Since 1993, this program has helped students in our community build strong reading skills and develop a deep love of books and reading. The program is designed and taught by the Institute of Reading Development, a nationwide leader in reading skills instruction.


    Santa Monica College

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    “Her confidence before the program was pretty shaky. Now, she’s willing to just jump right in and start sounding out various parts of the words. Her confidence level is growing tremendously and now she’s able to read pretty smoothly through sentences that she was never able to do before.” – Kurt, Parent


    “It makes reading more enjoyable because, first of all, I understand what I’m reading. Second of all, I feel like it takes me somewhere else that I haven’t been before, and it’s very fun to read a book and imagine you’re inside the book.” – Virginia, Student


    Tel: (800) 964-8888



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