Saken Sports Camp

Saken Sports Camp

Expert coaches help develop campers  in a variety of sports activities. In addition to sports we offer tournaments, arts and crafts, special events, and theme days. At Saken Sports Camp, we offer a 7 to 1 camper to coach ratio and may be as low as 3 to 1.


Spring Camp we offer two programs:

Traditional Spring Camp Week 1 March 25-29, 2019
Volleyball & Soccer Clinics March 25-29, 2019


For summer, each week we cover at least three different sports. During that week special attention is given to the basic fundamentals of each sport to help strengthen your child’s skill and knowledge of the game. By the end of the week, each camper will be on a team playing games, gaining the confidence necessary to truly excel. Whether your camper is 4, learning to catch and throw, or 14 preparing for a championship game, we will help prepare your child for all levels and experiences. Our coaching staff works hard to create the most supportive, fun, safe and enjoyable learning environment. Sportsmanship and teamwork are always emphasized.


Provides lunch for $8 per day.


    15871 Mulholland Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90049





    March 26 – 30, 2019 (Pre-K/DK – 7th)
    April 1 – 5, 2019 (1st – 7th)



    June 17 – August 23, 2019 (Pre-K/DK – 7th)



    8:30a-9:00a Early Morning Care and Drop Off (Optional)
    3:00p-3:15p Pick Up
    3:00p-4:00p Day Care
    All campers picked up by 4:00.


    2019 Spring Camp Fees    

    Traditional Sports Camp DK-7th grade Tuition: $105 per day/ $495per week Basketball/Volleyball/Soccer Clinics 3rd-7th grade Tuition: $105 per day/ $495 per week


    2019 Summer Camp Fees


    Rookie Camp Tuition, Pre-K, DK-Kindergarten:

    6 Weeks – $2,960.00
    5 Weeks – $2,500.00

    4 Weeks – $2,100.00
    3 Weeks – $1,620.00
    2 Weeks – $1,120.00
    1 Weeks – $585.00

    DAILY RATE: $120.00


    Traditional Camp Tuition, 1st to 7th Grade:

    6 Weeks – $2,500.00
    5 Weeks – $2,000.00

    4 Weeks – $1,680.00
    3 Weeks – $1,335.00
    2 Weeks – $940.00
    1 Weeks – $495.00

    DAILY RATE: $105.00


    Sports Clinics Tuition:

    $105 per day/ $495 per week


    We offer an Early Bird 10% Discount ending February 14, 2019.

    Sibling discount of 5% of 2nd+ child(ren) will be applied automatically to the lesser of two+ enrolled.


    This is an awesome camp for many reasons! 1. Great convenient location, beautiful campus and lots of areas for various fun activities! 2. Patient, knowledgeable, carrying and supportive stuff who understands that each kid had individual needs and takes them seriously as they attend to them 3. Keeps kids away from screens and occupies  them with a large variety of sports, fun games even recreates theme park days with water slides. And last but not least, they offer warm lunches!-- Kristina K.


    My son has attended Saken Sports Camp for the past four summers, and it is hands-down the best camp in town.  My son absolutely loves it and always has a blast! The camp is located on the Curtis School campus on Mulholland Drive,  which has great facilities and beautiful outdoor spaces. It's a closed campus with a guarded gate, and although it's close to both the Valley and Westside, it feels removed from all of the hustle and bustle of the city. Year after year, we have found that the staff members at Saken are warm, friendly, and engaging with campers. They are also very responsive to parent concerns, communicative, and flexible.  You can tell that Saken chooses its staff members carefully so that each one is responsible, safe, and fun. Each year, I'm amazed that every staff member seems to know every camper's name and interests, even if a particular camper isn't in that staff member's group.  Also, although Saken is a "sports camp", it's not just for super athletic kids.  For true sports lovers, Saken offers specialized clinics at camp, which allow a camper to focus on honing his/her skills in a particular sport. But, for the more casual athlete, they offer tons of fun outdoor activities that are suitable to any skill level- everything from giant inflatable water slides to luaus to free swim time. The camp also seems to have an equal balance of boys and girls in most sessions, if you have concerns about gender balance. I am very grateful that Saken has provided my son with such a safe, convenient, and fun camp experience year after year.  Thank you to Coach Rio and everyone at Saken!!!!!--Shani B.


    Saken Sports Camp is absolutely one of the best camps in Los Angeles area, my daughter has been going for years and loves it. The campus is gorgeous and allows for many activities, swimming, play and of course, sports. The staff is highly trained, mature, and enthusiastic. Rio, the owner is responsive, organized, and most of all trustworthy. All of them act as positive role models who support the kids to learn, explore, grow and have fun. Countless campers become counselors as they grow into young adults because of this amazing connection to camp. I can't recommend Saken highly enough.--Josh F.



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    310.266.7168  Campsite/Emergencies

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