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Rosetta Institute

Rosetta Institute

Rosetta Institute offers science camps for high-achieving students. Through engaging lectures and hands-on laboratory classes, students learn about normal molecular/cellular biology, and then learn how these normal processes are distorted during the development of disease.


They also offer winter/spring break camps on Medical Bioinformatics and laboratory-intensive day camp on Biomedical Research.


More broadly, workshop attendees make friends from around the world, strengthen their academic skills, and experience college dorm life in a safe environment. Students are housed in on-campus undergraduate dorms in doubles, triples or quads, and eat in campus dining facilities. Teaching assistants/residential advisors live with the students and are available to mentor and assist the students. In addition, the camp directors are on-site 24 hours/day.


    5941 Optical Court
    San Jose, CA 95138


    Summer Online Workshops:

    UC Berkeley 6/2-6/15 – Molecular Biology of Cancer, Molecular Neuroscience

    UC Berkeley 6/16-6/29 – Molecular Biology of Aging, Molecular Biology of Cancer, Molecular Neuroscience

    UC San Diego 7/7-7/20 – Molecular Immunology, Molecular Biology of Cancer, Molecular Neuroscience, Bioinformatics of Aging

    Columbia University 7/21-8/3 – Astrobiology, Neurological Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics of Cancer.

    Imperial College London 8/11-8/24 – AI-Enhanced Bioinformatics


    Residential fees for the university-based Cancer/Neuroscience/Immunology/Aging/Bioinformatics of Cancer workshops are $3580. Residential tuition includes room and board, transportation to/from the airport (with restrictions), custom T shirt/lanyard/notebook/pen, weekend field trip and some recreational activities, and workshop materials. There are a limited number of non-residential commuter spots available for $2280 (includes lunch, T shirt/lanyard/notebook/pen and all activities). Molecular Biology of Cancer and Molecular Neuroscience workshops will be held 6/4-6/17 and 6/18-7/1 at UCB and 7/9-7/22 at UCSD. The Molecular Biology of Aging workshop is 6/18-7/1 at UCB, the Molecular Immunology workshop is 7/9-7/22 at UCSD, and the Bioinformatics of Cancer workshop is 8/6-8/19 at UCSD.


    The Biomedical Research workshops in Alameda (commuter only) are $2680. Tuition includes custom T shirt/notebook/pen/workshop materials/special gift). There are two workshops: 6/22-7/2 and 7/25-8/4.


    Tuition for the summer online workshops is as follows:  the online Intro to Cellular and Molecular Medicine workshops (6/5-6/16) are $390, the online Medicinal Chemistry (6/19-6/30) workshops are $540, and tuition for the online Medical Bioinformatics workshops (7/10-7/21 and 7/24-8/4) are $980.


    There are two full scholarships (travel not included) available to students from lower-income households (income limits apply). Winners will be chosen based on the quality of a supplemental scientific essay that is due 3/15/19. Email us for details about the essay.


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    Tel: (858) 205-7479



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