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Production Conservatory

Production Conservatory

Established in 1979, Young Actors Space is the Original and Premiere school in Los Angeles for young performers.


Young Actor's Toolbox:  In this four-week workshop young actors will touch on a wide variety of acting skills to add to their toolbox. Day one will be all improvisation; day two will focus on cold-reading a script; day three students will work on a memorized scene; the last class will focus on on-camera technique. Students will also be sent a slate-shot at the end of class. (Ages 5-7 & 8-11)


On-Camera Conservatory: This 5 day program includes on-camera & audition technique as well as truth based improvisation and scene study. An original scene will be written specifically for each actor. They will be coached, rehearse and shoot the original scene in our professionally lit On-Camera Room. Actors will receive a personality slate and edited scene ready to send to agents, managers, and casting directors. (Ages 10-17)


Production Conservatory: Our Production Conservatory is a fast paced camp where actors from all over the world help create an original production in ten days. This conservatory focuses on theatre technique and culminates in the premiere of a brand new play written specifically for the actors involved, which is performed four times in the YAS Theatre. (Ages 10-17)


Youth Dialect Workshop: This one-of-a-kind intensive gives young actors the tools they need to master any dialect they wish. Students will spend the first week learning the ins-and-outs the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The second week students will learn how to use the IPA to teach themselves a dialect, using British Received Pronunciation as a basis. On the last day of class, students will be put on tape performing a scene using their newly learned British Dialect. Dialect study is an important but often overlooked facet of an actor’s education – give your young actor the upper hand on their journey! (Ages 12-17)



    Young Actors Space

    5918 Van Nuys Blvd.

    Sherman Oaks, CA 91401


    Summer 2024: 

    Dates have  not yet been announced. 






    Wow, I am not sure how to give an eloquent review of this organization when all I want to say is how much I love them!!! Seriously, the experience with YAS has exceeded every expectation that I could have had when I was referred to the summer camp by a friend who had her son being coached by one of the principles years before... the actual training. WOW! TOP NOTCH! Luca grew so much from the class and the 2 coaching sessions in one week I was blown away! I was encouraged to come back for the 2 week theatrical camp and never once did I feel that it was a sales pitch. Never an ounce of that. They supported me to navigate this new industry and give Luca the best foundation. I trusted them.We committed to making this 2 week trip and so happy we did. Luca became part of the family and so did I. I felt included, guided and again safe in this industry in the hands of such lovely professionals.--Lee P.


    We have been taking classes and workshops at YAS for over 3 years and can't say enough wonderful things about Patrick and his co-workers. Our son has landed over 6 national commercials, several TV roles and a movie and we owe his training to Nora and Patrick and their fabulous team. This is the best children's studio in Los Angeles.--Maria C.


    Tel: (818) 785-7979



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