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Creative Photography Camp Workshop

Creative Photography Camp Workshop

Our summer teen Photography workshop is a comprehensive creative photography course that engages young photographers to fully understand their camera technology and enable them to create great photographs through there individual vision.


This workshop is designed for beginners to advance students who want to take their photography skills and vision to the next level. Assignments will be given each day to strengthen students ability to take great images. (Teens from 13 to 19 years old)


We will cover all of the following:


*Learn how your camera works, work with flash lighting, take field trips and learn post production.

*Understand and master the buttons and dials on your camera, a strong foundation of technical skills

*Creatively use composition principals to strengthen images

*Enhance your way of seeing through the camera to develop a photographic vision

*Awareness of quality of light, both natural & flash on camera

*Engage in the art of editing and enhancing to improve the read of your images


Beginning Photography /part 1 / week 1

Get going on your dream to understand your camera and improve your images! The course brings students up to speed on new camera technology and teaches you how to visually explore and experience your surroundings from behind the lens. Creative practical assignments will be given. Students must bring their own fully charged DSL camera and owners manual. This course is hands-on, fun, and develops both practical and artistic skills!


Intermediate Photography - Week 2 / Part 2 

This class is for teen who want to take your photographic vision to the next level, with advance assignments and detail critiques. Course will cover essential Lightroom workflow, Import & Exporting files, editing, color adjustment and enhancing tools, much more. Students must bring to class, Camera fully charged,  Media cards, Laptop with Lightroom Classic program installed.


    3325 Shelby Drive

    Los Angeles, CA 90034


    Summer 2024: 

    Dates have  not yet been announced. 


    Daily/ 10:00am – 2:00pm / Monday to Friday


    Starts at $500/week


    Take both weeks at discounted rate.


    As a newbie to photography, I absolutely loved it. This workshop got me hooked on photography!  Loved the small class sizes, the progression of the lessons, and the overall dedication of Santino.  Learning by doing was what made these classes so wonderful.  If I wasn't moving out of the area, I would be continuing for sure! -- Adrienne W.


    Creative Photography Workshops is fantastic. I've seen a huge difference in my photography.  Tracey has a great hands on teaching style, using photo exercises, critique and reflection to teach.  Santino has been an awesome instructor also and it's fun to have a different point of view. I've learned so much and continue to learn how to take my photography to the next level.-- Patricia H.


    Tel: 310-839-8866



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