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Chess Camp Extravaganza

Chess Camp Extravaganza

We are an organized, insured and reliable not-for-profit, California Distinguished Educational Service Provider. We are devoted to the development of life skills and student academic success. Our aim is to give students in the K-8th grades confidence that they can learn the strategies and techniques of chess and apply them to every area of their lives.


They learn to take responsibility for every move they make in life as well as on the chess board. In the most practical terms, students learn concentration skills necessary to master any academic discipline.

Daily Fun-Zones Include:

Bean Bag Toss or Frisbee Competition, Coloring Giant Chess Pieces, Emoji Kick Ball Competition, Jump Rope Competition, Super Colossal Memory Game, Get-Out- Dodge-Dodge-Ball, Water Blast Pass Challenge, Wild-Water Balloon Toss.


Our Fun-Tastic Friday Finale is a day you don't want to miss!!! Friday, we will provide lunch for all Chess Tutors campers! Students simply need to remember to bring a snack on Friday as no snacks will be provided! Campers will have their choice of Fresh Brother Pizza. 


After Camp Program


Our After Camp Program is an extension of our camp day. During this time, campers will engage in activities such (semi-private chess instruction, arts & crafts, board games, sports and more. There is no discount for early pickup or partial week participation in the After Camp Program. Snack is provided to After Camp Program Participants.


    Linwood Elementary School

    4100 Irving Place

    Culver City, CA 90232


    Summer 2024: 

    Dates have  not yet been announced. 




    $395 PER WEEK



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    Tel: 323-251-7010

    E-mail Address:




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