Aventuras Forest School

Aventuras Forest School

Join us for a special summer-only session of Aventuras! Located in the magical primordial woods of Fern Dell and founded by a Harvard-trained educator and local mom, Aventuras is the first preschool in Los Angeles to infuse language education into a forest school model. Our play-based emergent curriculum is meant to deepen children’s empathy, natural love of learning, and engagement with the living environment. Spanish is woven seamlessly into everything we do, from story time to discovery treks and imaginative play. Our program features a 1:4 counselor:camper ratio and a maximum of 12 campers, so reserve your space today!


Aventuras kids spend their entire day outdoors in LA's most magnificent parklands. Children are curious by nature, and in this natural setting their curiosity is truly boundless. Towering redwoods and majestic palms shelter their play areas. Songbirds and an ancient spring-fed brook provide a rich sensory environment that rewards both quiet attentiveness and derring-do.


There are no screens or plastic toys here. Instead, the children use their limitless imaginations to engage with each other and with the many natural materials available to them. Aventuras kids enjoy unparalleled inspiration for play and opportunities for scientific observation of the diverse flora and fauna that surround them, including slider turtles, butterflies, flowers, lizards, squirrels, grasses, koi, tadpoles, hummingbirds and more. In this rich environment, children learn with all of their senses engaged.


Children must have at least begun the potty training process to enroll.


    2333 Fern Dell Dr.
    Los Angeles, CA 90068



    Summer Camp Dates
    Jul 1 - 19; Aug 12 - 30, 2019


    9:00am to 1:00pm


    5 days/wk $1,100/mo
    3 days/wk $770/mo
    2 days/wk $605/mo



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    Tel: 415-529-4544 x706
    Email: aventurasforestschool@gmail.com​