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How many different camp locations can I list with my listing?

You can list all your camp locatoins with one listing. Just make sure to provide all the locations when you fill out the form.

How long my listing will appear on your website?

Your listing is good for one calendar year. All listings will expire on January 1 of the following year.

How do I get promoted on this site?

We will promote the use of this site to our audience through our parent website, Fun With Kids in LA, which reaches more than 140,000 parents, through our social media platforms reaching 25,000 local parents, and by newsletter campaigns reaching more than 5000 parents. We will also do additional paid social media campaigns reaching thousands of targeted parents. The visitors will discover you on our site based on your listing, locaiton(s), and categories that you have provided.

Where does my listing appear on your site?

The listing will appear under the appropriate category based on the type of camp you provide. You may appear in more than one category based on the type of program you provide. For example if you are a day camp and a religious camp, you will be listed under both categories at no extra charge. Each category is sorted alphabetically by our tools.

What if there are some information that we want to provide, but are not listed under any of the options that are provided on your form?

You can add any additional informaton that you want to convey to the public. All listings will be reviewed before getting published on our website, and if there are information that are necessary for our audience to know about your camp, we will make sure that they will be included in your listing.

What if I submit my form but I decide later to change some information or images?

If you submit your form and you need to change something, you can simply send us an email with your request, and we will modify your listing.

How long after I submit my listing, it will be published on the site?

After you submit your information, it will take approximately 2-3 business days for your listing to be published on the site.

What if my video is too big and will not get uploaded?

You can still submit your listing, and then send us your video through another platform like dropbox or google drive.

Who will see my listing?

Your listing will be avaiable to our audience of more than 100,000 parents who live in Los Angeles County. 90% of our audience are Moms who make the most buying decisions, and we are targeting thousands of additional Moms through targeted social medis ads. Our social media campaigns are professional, engaging, and effective created by professional social media experts. We will use professinal videos, and IG and Facebook stories as part of our social media campaigns.

Can I do additional advertising on your site to improve visibility for our camp?

You can do variety of other advertisement with us through our parent website, Fun With Kids in LA. Please email us at info@summercampsinla.com for more information.

I already see that my camp has been listed on your site, why should I list again?

If your camp is already listed on our site, it is because we have selected some camps to showcase how your listing will look, but we may not have enough information on your camp, and it may not even be linked to your website. It is necessary for you to fill out the form and pay for your desired package, so you can be visilable to our audience and get traffic to your site. Once we get all the information, we will update your listing. The camps that do not list with us will not be visable to our audience and will not be promoted to the public.

If I choose the Awesome Package and list my other seasonal camps, how does my listing get promoted?

All seasonal camps will be promoted each season through our social media platforms, newsletters, and through organic traffic to this website, and our parent website, Fun With Kids in LA. We also do blogs to let our audience know about available camps.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

You can send us an email through our contact page at anytime or by emailing info@summercampsinla.com, and we will respond to your email shortly.

What if I want to list my camp, but I don't have time to fill out the form and send you images?

If you need help with your listing, we will be glad to help you free of charge. You can email us directly and once you pay for the desired listing, we will do all the work for you using your own website. We will get all the necessary information and images through your own site and we complete your listing. You may need to answer few questions for us so that we have all the right information for our audience.

I don't have a PayPal Account, what now?

You don't have to have a PayPal Account to pay with PayPal Credit. You can simply click on Pay With Credit Card or Debit Button, and pay as a guest. You won't be charged extra to pay with PayPal Credit.